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On The Ridge with Joe Judd: Don’t feed those turkeys
04-10-2024 3:39 PM

MassWildlife reminds us that April through May is the height of the breeding season for wild turkeys and, as a result, turkey activity is increasing daily across the Commonwealth.In some areas turkeys may even act aggressively by pecking, following,...

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Speaking of Nature: Molting for amore: Spring has arrived and male goldfinches are starting to molt into their nuptial plumage
04-08-2024 6:01 AM


It just so happens that I am a creature of habit and I always write my column on a Thursday. On this particular morning I find myself luxuriating in an unexpected, but most welcome, deviation from my normal routine. A huge winter storm has arrived and...

PHOTO: Two by two
03-30-2024 11:26 AM

DCR sees booking surge at state campgrounds
03-27-2024 5:23 PM


It seems people from all over are anxious for spring to arrive as bookings at the three state camping locations in Franklin and Hampshire counties are filling up fast.The state Department of Conservation and Recreation reports that at least 756 total...

On The Ridge with Joe Judd: A call to the creator
03-27-2024 2:34 PM

As opening day of the 2024 turkey hunting season slowly approaches, I found myself wandering into my den looking over my collection of turkey calls while reaching for certain ones that have meant something to me over the years. Now, this yearly...

PHOTO: Peaceful park
03-20-2024 4:25 PM

Speaking of Nature: One lucky duck: Stumbling upon an entire flotilla of Common Mergansers
03-18-2024 5:01 AM


It was a rainy Sunday morning at the beginning of March and I was suffering from cabin fever. It hasn’t been a particularly cold winter, but I had been cooped up nonetheless. Saturday had gone by without incident, like so many Saturday’s since the new...

PHOTO: Pups and pinecones
03-17-2024 8:24 AM

PHOTOS: Springing to life
03-14-2024 1:31 PM

On The Ridge with Joe Judd: The history behind those little green stickers
03-13-2024 4:01 PM

A few weeks back during this year’s Springfield Sportsmen’s Show, I found myself in conversation with many different people regarding the green “hunt safely” stickers that are required by law in Massachusetts to have positioned on your gun during...

Speaking of Nature: The bird that surprised me: Brown Creeper uncommon for most of year, expertly camoflauges among dead trees
03-04-2024 6:01 AM


It was the end of a very long day, but, because of the increasing daylight that we have all been enjoying, it was still light out when I got home. I pulled up to the garage, but I had to get out to open the garage door because my door opener had died....

PHOTO: Clear day on the ice
02-29-2024 2:47 PM

Speaking of Nature: From rare to regular: The Carolina Wren may soon become a regular backyard bird for all of us
02-26-2024 6:01 AM


According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 2023 was the warmest year ever recorded. I remember it being hot in the summertime, but I think the effect of this heat was most noticed by me in the autumn. The Thinking Chair...

On The Ridge with Joe Judd: See you this weekend at the 40th Annual Springfield Sportsmen’s Show
02-21-2024 5:06 PM

Right now, people from across New England are gearing up for this year’s 40th Annual Springfield Sportsmen’s Show, as OSEG’s (Outdoor Sports Expo Group) Doug Sousa again welcomes folks to the Eastern States Exposition for this week’s event being held...

PHOTO: Getting sappy
02-13-2024 4:46 PM

PHOTOS: Attracting an audience
02-08-2024 12:54 PM

On The Ridge with Joe Judd: Plenty of activities to keep you busy during the winter months
02-07-2024 4:32 PM

As I write this, we’re in February’s grip, but there’s a lot going on out there that can help keep your mind off the Arctic-like temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately.As you read this, the days are getting longer, the temperatures are climbing,...

Speaking of Nature: Where have all the birds gone?: They’re there, and here’s a handy tool to keep track of their appearances
02-05-2024 6:01 AM


I receive emails from readers throughout the year and I do my best to respond to them in a timely manner. Sometimes messages pile up in my inbox and sometimes things get filed incorrectly, but I genuinely do try to respond to every one. This year (the...

PHOTO: Alert avian
02-01-2024 4:36 PM

Billy Goat Boats awarded 10-year deal for Orange boathouse
02-01-2024 4:10 PM


ORANGE — It seems Billy Goat Boats isn’t going anywhere, as the Selectboard opted this week to award the family-run watercraft rental business use of the boathouse following a public and contentious leasing fiasco.The company owned and operated by...

PHOTO: Eagle eye
01-30-2024 3:26 PM

Displaying articles 1 to 20 out of 75 total.

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