The World Keeps Turning: Is this America? Sadly, it is

07-19-2024 1:21 PM


It seemed the voracious broadcast media fanned out almost before the vivid red blood streaming down Donald Trump’s face had a chance to be cleaned in an ambulance. They wanted reactions from eyewitnesses, and asked the usual inane questions.Most...

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My Turn: Safe for swimming? We got work to do

07-19-2024 1:19 PM


Another summer, another season of seeking out swimming holes to cool down.      In the Pioneer Valley and beyond, millions of Americans are flocking to rivers, lakes and beaches to beat the heat. Whether stream walking, wading, swimming, surfing,...

Trouble Mandeson: Project 2025 an ‘insidious plan’

07-19-2024 1:18 PM

I have one thing to say about recent column writer Brian Cooper’s concern over Republicans gaining the presidency: PROJECT 2025, an insidious plan by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank that would like to roll back protections for all...

Mary Kay Mattiace: Help or be helped

07-19-2024 1:18 PM

Montague Villages, a neighbor to neighbor organization, helps adults over 60 years residing in Montague to age in place with dignity and more independence by offering volunteer services, access to information, and community connections.Membership, one...

My Turn: Beulah didn’t die in vain

07-18-2024 3:52 PM


 Massachusetts is known as one of the most humane states. Yet despite the death of an ill elephant at the 2019 Big E, “The Circus Bill” is still in the House Ways and Means Committee as we near the end of this legislative session. H. 3245, sponsored...

My Turn: Why Joe Biden should withdraw

07-18-2024 3:49 PM


 Joe Biden faces a wrenching decision: to withdraw or to stay on as Democratic nominee for the presidency of the United States. His disastrous debate performance on June 27 reinforced an image that many voters held of the president: that he is too old...

Nancy Natale: The protections we thought our government had are weakened

07-18-2024 3:48 PM

The recent column “Fearful of autocracy? We are well protected,” published July 18 took up a lot of space but had little meaningful content. As numerous news media commentators and government officials have pointed out, our country is under assault by...

Julia Duncan: Creepy mask-wearing

07-18-2024 3:48 PM

Even in this oppressive heat, I still see adults wearing face coverings. I was at a laundromat recently where an elderly man was sitting outside at a picnic table (by himself) with a mask on. It’s his business, of course, but he looked...

Michael Naughton: Breath of fresh air

07-18-2024 3:48 PM

Thank you, Eve Brown-Waite for the wittiest, most thoughtful “My Turn” that I’ve read in a long time [“Other guy is the one who’s unfit for office,” Gazette, July 10]. What a gem! I hope some of the other contributors, especially the regular ones,...

My Turn: Fearful of autocracy? We are well protected

07-17-2024 4:38 PM


I quite enjoyed the opening paragraph of Jon Huer’s opinion piece predicting that fascism is on our immediate horizon (“On our last Independence Day” Gazette, July 1). Particularly amusing was his humorous and deliberately hyperbolic description of a...

My Turn: How we’ve reached this place of danger

07-17-2024 4:36 PM


 Despising one-man rule, nearly all of them slave owners, men of wealth and property gathered to create the U.S. They looked to ancient Greece, and to an Indian Confederation for models and designed a government in which “some” men ruled.Selecting a...

Russell Pirkot: Something to think about

07-17-2024 4:34 PM

Here’s something to think about, what would we do if both Joe Biden and Donald Trump died in their sleep tonight, of natural causes? Seriously, what would we, as individuals and institutions, do if that happened? I’m not asking for this, or suggesting...

My Turn: We’re directly in path of green energy ‘steamroller’

07-16-2024 5:42 PM


 As the Healey administration and state Legislature are going full speed ahead for carbon-free “green energy,” the details for how to get this done are emerging. And Boston is on a collision course with our towns in western Massachusetts and...

Pushback: ADUs — Throwing mama from the train

07-16-2024 5:40 PM


In October 2023, Gov. Maura Healey introduced a “$4 billion plan to jump-start the production of homes and make housing more affordable.” Her bill, H. 4138, titled the Affordable Homes Act, was touted as “the largest proposed investment in housing in...

Nat Fortune: Put the blame on me

07-16-2024 5:37 PM

In a recent guest column registering her disagreement with the decision of annual Town Meeting voters on June 18 to request a single ZIP code for Whately, writer Ruth Leahey also wondered why “those in charge” failed to take into account the adverse...

Debbie Kates: Horrified by letter on the Bible

07-16-2024 5:37 PM

The recent letter to the editor [“The Bible Matters,” July 12], about the primacy of the Bible is truly horrifying. The writer states: “The Bible is the very word of God. It is the final authority on all matters of faith and life. The Bible is both...

My Turn: Pining for a return to kindness

07-16-2024 5:30 PM


 An adage I’ve heard since childhood reads, “Don’t discuss religion or politics in polite company.” We all know we threw that baby out with the bathwater a dog’s age ago. The abyss of social and mainstream media makes it clear that this will happen...

Lew LaChance: Our national anthem

07-15-2024 5:17 PM

In 1814, a Fleet of British warships with sails attacked Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Maryland. Six bombarded the fort. This fort was built in the shape of a star with many opportunities for the U.S. defenders to fight off the invaders. That is what they...

Karen Wessinger: Public health issues on our trails

07-15-2024 5:17 PM

I have been using Greenfield’s beautiful trails and bike path for over 15 years. Never have I seen them in such deplorable conditions as the past year. There are not any trail areas that I bring my child and dog to where I have not recently come...

Dr. Larry S. Rankin: Support passage of End of Life Options Act

07-15-2024 5:17 PM

Regarding the recent letter “Tough cases make bad law on assisted suicide,” [Recorder, July 10], contrary to claims by the small percentage of Massachusetts residents who oppose medical aid in dying, it is legally and medically incorrect to conflate...

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