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Earth Matters: A brief history of our soil: Why the Valley land produces such amazing crop
06-14-2024 11:14 AM


There is a stretch of road that runs north along the Connecticut River from the Whately/Hatfield line to the foot of Sugarloaf. It is no surprise its name is River Road. Leaving Northampton I often take “the river road,” the long way home. Over the...

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Earth Matters: Swamps, stewardship and conservation: What does it mean to care for a forest?
05-31-2024 2:24 PM


Swamps are great story villains. They are notoriously difficult to navigate due to their sinking sticky mud, spiked vines and dense vegetation; they are neither fully land nor water, negating boats and footwear as helpful vessels for traversing them;...

Earth Matters: Biodiversity crisis in our backyard: The science behind saving habitat for wildlife
05-24-2024 11:23 AM


One of the reasons many of us love living in the Valley is being able to see wildlife around us. But those sightings will become increasingly rare if humans don’t take bold steps to slow the loss of species around the world. Scientists are sounding...

Earth Matters: From Big Sits to Birdathons: Birding competitions far and near
04-19-2024 10:51 AM


A few months ago, headlines flared that Peter Kaestner had seen his 10,000th bird species. This could have been anticlimactic, as Kaestner has been renowned for years among birders for traveling worldwide and seeing more species than anyone.However,...

With climate education, Hitchcock Center looks to help children envision ideal world
01-19-2023 11:45 PM


WHATELY — While winter’s warmest days remind us that our climate’s future could be bleak, the future generation reminds us that it may not have to be.Stephanie Apanell’s fourth grade class at Whately Elementary School joined forces with Amherst’s...

Displaying articles 1 to 4 out of 4 total.

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