Mike Naughton: Some people find value in pictures 

Published: 12-05-2023 3:27 PM

Skipping over the undercurrent of muddled thinking in Jon Huer’s recent column “Pictures without words” [Recorder, Dec. 2]. (TV is not “all pictures” — it is radio with pictures, which is a very different thing), perhaps it’s worth pointing out that the fact that Prof. Huer finds little or no value in pictures as a means of conveying information doesn’t mean that nobody does. If the writer would like to broaden his horizons, there are a number of places that he might start, but I suggest that he put an investigation of Edward Tufte on his list. Tufte was a pioneer in using graphics to display data in meaningful ways; I think the professor might find his work revealing.

Mike Naughton

Millers Falls

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